a female coyote in the distance standing in a field at the Conservancy's BKS tract

They’re baaaack!

After being gone for nearly 10 years, we now have a female coyote and her…

Female Dark Morph Swainson's Hawk

Out on bale

Conservancy field personnel are seeing a lot of Swainson’s Hawk activity already this year. On…

thumbnail of a published reference to an article brief in Herpetological Review 44(1), 2013 on movement of a Giant garter snake in the Natomas Basin

Published and not perished

Attached with this post is notification and reference to an article brief published in Herpetological…

report on Conservancy bird counts from the Sacramento Audubon Society

Counting crows (and other birds)

It’s always a pleasure to have a group of Audubon Society folks help the Conservancy…

Giant garter snake laying stretched out in a dried grassy area

November surprise

Rarely do we see Giant Garter Snakes this time of year. “Hibernating” is the word…

wide shot of a pumpkin field filled with pumpkins on the ground

Pumpkin eaters

The photo associated with this post shows one of the Conservancy’s most productive Swainson’s hawk…

overturned tandem big rig along a dirt road and the rice that it was hauling spilled into the ditch

Reap what you sow…then lose it.

People are amazed when we tell them of the things that occasionally happen on Conservancy…

wide angle of rice fields that are test plots at Conservancy preserve, against a clear blue sky

Testing, testing, testing

The NBHCP encourages the Conservancy to conduct experiments on Conservancy mitigation land that could lead…

close-up front view of a Barn owl sitting on a barbed wire fence post looking at the camera

Owl eyes

When inspecting construction work on the Conservancy’s Silva tract yesterday, I kept noticing being noticed….

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