color illustration of revised concept for the Pond O habitat

Habitat Re-fresh

With the help of a substantial monetary contribution to the Conservancy, we’ve embarked on a…

numerous dark and light-colored birds standing in a marsh bordering an area of trees and vegetation


This photo captures the essence of Conservancy restoration and enhancement work. But the point here…

section of an engineering illustration of a groundwater monitoring well

Trust but verify

There is so much going on with respect to water use these days. There are…

close-up of buttonwillow plants and its spikes

Spiked proteins

Several years ago, we posted about buttonwillow (Cephalanthus occidentalis varcalifornicus), and our love for them….

three Sandhill cranes walk through an area of grasses and vegetation around the Preserve


We’ve been wracking our brains wondering why the famous large-bird of the region rarely frequented…

Great-horned owl chick sitting on the ground and looking up at the camera

Jedi Mind Meld

If you were to gaze into the eyes of the Great horned owl (Bubo virginianus)…

side profile view of raptor flying across a field with its wings spread and clutching its prey in its talons

Lunch Time

The great paradox of restoration ecology, and the work that the Conservancy does, is that…

a Red-tail hawk flying around the Preserve, carrying an American coot in its talons

It happens.

Here we have a Red-tail hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) taking an American coot (Fulica americana) off…

two raccoons, one looking down at the camera, climbing around the top of an electrical pole marked 'high voltage'

High wire act

On the Conservancy’s flagship preserve, a couple of daredevil raccoons have scaled and occupied a…

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