collage of four images displaying a close-ups of a bee, insects, and a variety of flowers and vegetation

Autumn’s bees and the butterflies

If you look for it, there is color everywhere this time of year. As is…

rice harvester in the distance at work in a rice field at the Conservancy

Big wheels keep on turning

Each year at rice harvest time, it never ceases to amaze me just how huge…

white-tailed kite hawk in flight with wings outstretched against a clear blue sky

Nice kite

Sometimes there is no better reason to post on this blog other than having the…

distant image of soil being mined by equipment for a levee project

Food production and GGS habitat resources on reclaimed land

In far northern portions of the Natomas Basin, the Conservancy is producing food for humans…

collage of three images displaying a hawk walking on a dirt road around the Conservancy

Hawk walk

This is a delightful series of photos of a hawk on the Conservancy’s BKS tract….

a bypass pipeline being installed at the Conservancy


Conservancy construction work this summer has been pretty minimal. But in cooperation with the Sacramento…

a flock of White-faced ibis in flight over a marsh alongside another flock of white birds

Ebony and Ivory

This photo, taken on the Conservancy’s Betts tract, shows active use by the White-faced ibis….

line graph showing changes in California population and farm acreage from 1902 to 2012

It’s the trend…

When I saw the adjacent chart, I realized that what we are doing here at…

blue and green infographic featuring a pie chart showing water use in California

Water use abuse (of the statistical variety)

In a previous posting, I shared a water use graphic that helped explain where water…

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