Board of Directors


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Our Board

The Natomas Basin Conservancy is a California non-profit public benefit corporation exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The organization is governed by a 10-member Board of Directors. All Board members are appointed to three-year terms of office by the City of Sacramento and the County of Sutter. The City and County each appoint five members to the Board of Directors. Board members elect from among themselves a Board Chair each year who serves a one-year term of office. The Board in turn hires the Conservancy’s Executive Director.
  • John Shirey, Chair, Real Estate Committee
  • Michael Johnston, Vice Chair, Audit Committee, Real Estate Committee
  • Gabrielle Stadem, Treasurer, Finance Committee
  • Chandra Chilmakuri, Secretary, Compensation and Governance Committee
  • Melinda Bradbury, Board Member, Finance Committee
  • David Christophel, Board Member, Audit Committee
  • Steven Cohn, Board Member, Compensation and Governance Committee
  • Chris Norem, Board Member, Finance Committee