8701 E. Levee Road
Elverta, CA 95626

Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors

May 4, 2016

4:00 p.m.

Upcoming Regular Meetings

  •  June 1, 2016
  • August 3, 2016
  • October 5, 2016

Call to order

1. Call to Order of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors

The Board Chair will call the meeting to order if a quorum is present. Announcements by the Board Chair or Executive Director may be made at this time. Board members may make announcements at this time as well.

Public comment

2. Public Comments

Opportunity for members of the public to address the Conservancy’s Board of Directors.

Action by consent

3. Approval of the minutes

*All items listed under the Consent Calendar, including minutes, are considered and acted upon by one Motion. Any Board member may request an item be removed for separate consideration.*

The Board Chair will request approval of the minutes and consent items of the Board of Directors meeting of April 6, 2016.

Download the April 6, 2016 Minutes (PDF, 611 KB)

Action by consent

4. Cancellation of July 6, 2016 Board meeting

The Board typically cancels the July Board meeting as it has traditionally been difficult to obtain a quorum due to the Independence Day holiday. This item requests Board approval to cancel the July 6, 2016 Board meeting.

Action by consent

5. Purchase of a lawn tractor

In last year’s budget discussion, the Board was advised of the Conservancy’s intent to purchase a lawn tractor. The equipment was to be used for heavy lawn mowing at the Conservancy’s Casa de Pedro residence, Pedro barn area, Silva residence as may be needed, and the Quonset and Tretheway Grove areas at a minimum. The equipment is supplemented with a scraper to smooth dirt roads that have been rutted by wet-weather usage (light duty). The overall purpose of the acquisition is to reduce land management expense. Three bids were received by the Conservancy for the desired equipment.

The 2016 budget includes $10,000.00 for this purchase; however, the bids came in over the Executive Directors’ $10,000.00 spending limit. This item requests authorization to acquire a John Deere X758 lawn tractor with mowing deck, hitch and box blade scraper from Valley Truck and Tractor in the amount of $13,380.67.

Download the lawn tractor information ( PDF, 278 KB)

Action item

6. Budget adjustment for 2016 given withdrawal of the 2016 Groundwater Exchange Program

This item requests Board of Directors approval for a budget adjustment that reduces the 2016 planned revenue in the amount of $800,000.00. The original budgeted 2016 revenue was $4,000,687.00, with this change it will be reduced to $3,200,687.00. This reflects the recent and unexpected withdrawal of the San Luis and Delta Mendota Water Authority as a purchaser of water generated by the 2016 Groundwater Exchange Program.

Action item

7. IRS Form 990

As a “best practice,” and to respond affirmatively to the Conservancy tax reporting with the IRS and CFTB, this item presents the Conservancy’s draft 2015 Form 990 for Board review. The Board of Directors will have an opportunity to comment on the annual filings with state and federal tax authorities.

Download the IRS Form 990 (PDF, 245 KB)


8. Report back: the Board requested that Conservancy staff return to the Board with further information on historical groundwater information

The historical groundwater information requested by the Board will be presented. Discussion will follow.


9. Financial statement review

A financial statement will be provided for the period ended March 31, 2016 (unaudited). Additional financial information will be provided.

Download the March 31, 2016 Financial Statements (PDF, 1 MB)


10. Update on State of California Board of Equalization letter regarding assessment methodology and County of Sutter’s property tax assessments; County of Sutter Assessor

Conservancy staff will update the Board on progress in the matter of the County of Sutter Assessor’s compliance with instructions from the State of California Board of Equalization in its letter and action pursuant to that letter and property tax relief for the Conservancy.


11. Report back: the Board requested staff obtain historic groundwater well water soundings and report back

Conservancy Board members requested that Conservancy staff look back several decades to groundwater levels in the Natomas Basin so that a comparison could be made with reference to 2015’s groundwater exchange program. Staff will report back on this matter.

Public comment

12. Public comments

Opportunity for members of the public to address the Conservancy’s Board of Directors.

Exective Report

13. Executive Director’s Report

Various matters for Board members’ general information will be presented by the Conservancy’s Executive Director.

Download the Ex Director’s Report (PDF, 47.1 MB)

Executive Session

14. Executive Session

Executive Session for real estate is scheduled.


15. Adjournment

Official adjournment of the meeting.