2150 River Plaza Drive, Suite 460
Sacramento, CA 95833

Compensation & Governance Committee Meeting

 September 15, 2016

3:30 p.m.
(Meeting in offices of TNBC)

Call to order

1. Call to Order of the Meeting of the Compensation & Governance  Committee

The Committee Chair will call the meeting to order if a quorum is present. Announcements may be made at this time.

Public comment

2. Public Comments

Opportunity for members of the public to address the committee.

Action item

3. Approval of the minutes

The Committee Chair will request approval of the minutes of the Compensation & Governance Committee meeting of August 3, 2016 Meeting.

Download the August 3, 2016 minutes (PDF, 98 KB)

Action item

4. Bylaws

The Conservancy’s Bylaws were last updated October 1, 2014. Staff recommends that the Bylaws go to legal counsel for review and update.

Download the Bylaws (PDF, 429 KB)

Action item

5. Articles of Incorporation

The Conservancy’s Articles of Incorporation were submitted to and approved by the California Secretary of State’s office in 1995. While it is not customary to make changes in an organization’s Articles of Incorporation, it is a good governance practice to periodically inspect the articles and make determination they remain relevant and consistent with the organization’s mission.  This is presented to the committee for review. No changes are recommended.

Download the Articles of Incorporation (PDF, 1 MB)

Action item

6. Document Retention & Destruction Policy

The Conservancy’s Document Retention & Destruction Policy is presented to the committee for review and changes if necessary.  This policy was last updated on June 1, 2011.

Download the Document Retention & Destruction Policy (PDF, 88 KB)

Action item

7. Board Self-Evaluation

The Committee Chair would like to discuss with the committee a Board self-evaluation process to recommend to the Conservancy’s Board. Several ideas and formats will be presented for discussion, two samples are included below. Board self-evaluations are common and good governance for non-profit Boards.

Download the Board-Self Evaluation Sample 1 (PDF, 501 KB)

Download the Board-Self Evaluation Sample 2 (PDF, 442 KB)


8. ASAE Conference Update

Staff will give a report on the ASAE Conference attended.


8. Adjournment

Official adjournment of the meeting.