The NBHCP Species

Get an inside look at our protected species and learn why they are listed as endangered or threatened.

Covered Wildlife

Listed, Candidate, and Other Species

Bank swallow
Riparia riparia

Burrowing owl
Athene cunicularia

California tiger salamander
Ambystoma californiense

Giant garter snake
Thamnophis gigas

Loggerhead shrike
Lanius ludovicianus

Midvalley fairy shrimp
Branchinecta mesovallensis

Northwestern pond turtle
Emys marmorata marmorata

Swainson’s hawk
Buteo swainsoni

Tricolored blackbird
Agelaius tricolor

Valley elderberry longhorn beetle
Desmocerus californicus dimporphous

Vernal pool fairy shrimp
Branchinecta lynchi

Vernal pool tadpole shrimp
Lepidurus packardi

Western spadefoot toad
Spea hammondii

White-faced ibis
Plegadis chihi

Covered Plants

Listed, Candidate, and Other Species

Boggs lake hedge-hyssop
Gratiola Heterosepala

Colusa grass
Neostapfia colusana

Delta tule pea
Lathyrus jepsonii var. jepsonii

Legenere limosa

Sacramento orcutt grass
Orcuttia viscida

Sanford’s arrowhead
Sagittaria sanfordii

Slender orcutt grass
Orcuttia tenuis

HCP “Covered Species” Catalog

The Conservancy, acting as Plan Operator for the Natomas Basin Habitat Conservation Plan (NBHCP), and the Metro Air Park Habitat Conservation Plan (MAPHCP), is charged with the conservation and protection of the 22 species “covered” by both Habitat Conservation Plans and Incidental Take Permits.
These Covered Species are catalogued in a publication produced by the Conservancy. The Covered Species catalog is available at no cost as a free download. It is useful as an educational tool for field personnel, consultants, visitors, researchers and others with a general interest in the NBHCP and MAPHCP.