We’ve been wracking our brains wondering why the famous large-bird of the region rarely frequented Conservancy preserves. We chalked it up to relative youth. That is, the Conservancy’s preserves were so young and new that they weren’t yet on the historic migration route of these birds.

In addition to their size (wingspans can be from 5 feet 5 inches to 7 feet 7 inches), the Sandhill crane migrates south for the winter, and often does so in large flocks. We found the Sandhill cranes photo’d here on the Conservancy’s flagship preserve recently by their sound. It is so distinctive that when you here it, it is without doubt a Sandhill crane.

Now, instead of no Sandhill cranes on Conservancy preserves, we are starting to see some. Hoping those on the preserves this year will fix the location so that on future migrations, they will continue to use the preserves.

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