This policy provides for the systematic review, retention and destruction of documents received or created by the Natomas Basin Conservancy (Conservancy) in connection with the transaction of organization business. This policy covers all records and documents, regardless of physical form, contains guidelines for how long certain documents should be kept and how records should be destroyed. The policy is designed to ensure compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, to eliminate accidental or innocent destruction of records and to facilitate the Conservancy’s operations by promoting efficiency and freeing up valuable storage space.

Document Retention

The Conservancy follows the document retention procedures outlined below. Documents that are not listed, but are substantially similar to those listed in the schedule will be retained for the appropriate length of time. Because of its role as the “Plan Operator” of the Natomas Basin Habitat Conservation Plan (NBHCP) and the Metro Air Park Habitat Conservation Plan (MAPHCP), the Conservancy has accepted certain archive and records retention obligations that may extend the length of time that certain documents are held (see NBHCP, Section VI.F.3). In some cases, this means for the 50-year life of the NBHCP. This includes, but is not limited to, biological and species monitoring data, the Annual Implementation Report and the information and data which supports it, geographic information system data and other information which assists in determining the success of implementing the NBHCP and MAPHCP. The Conservancy will be alert to such supplemental document and records retention requirements, and consider the retention schedule stated in this policy as a minimum length of time to retain documents and records, and allow document preservation for extended periods as deemed necessary given the demands and adaptations that occur from time-to-time with the NBHCP and MAPHCP.

Conservancy Retention Schedule Retention Period (minimum)
Corporate Records
Annual Reports to Secretary of State/Attorney General Permanent
Articles of Incorporation Permanent
Board Meeting and Board Committee Minutes Permanent
Board Policies/Resolutions Permanent
By-laws Permanent
Construction Documents Permanent
Fixed Asset Records Permanent
IRS Application for Tax-Exempt Status (Form 1023) Permanent
IRS Determination Letter Permanent
California Application for Tax-Exempt Status Permanent
California Determination Letter Permanent
Correspondence (legal and important matters) Permanent
Licenses and Permits Permanent
Accounting and Corporate Tax Records
Annual Audits and Financial Statements (including budget) Permanent
Depreciation Schedules Permanent
General Ledgers Permanent
IRS 990 Tax Returns Permanent

Adopted by the Conservancy Board of Directors on December 3 2008.
Revised: June 1, 2011, October 5, 2016.