Close-up of a blooming Legenere herb growing from amongst green vegetation. Its flower petals are white, and leaves are green.

Scientific Name:

Legenere limosa


California Native Plant Society List 1B.1

About Legenere


Legenere is endemic to California. It is found mainly in vernal pools in Sacramento and Solano Counties, but is has also been reported in 12 other north-central and bay-delta counties. While Legenere has not been found in the Natomas Basin, vernal pool habitat exists on the eastern edge of the basin, north of Del Paso Road. This habitat is approximately two miles (three kilometers) west of the closest known occurrence of Legenere to the basin.

Habitat Requirements

Legenere is associated with smaller, densely vegetated vernal pools ranging in depth from 1.5 to 15 inches (4 to 38 centimeters). It is found at elevations of 3-2,900 feet (1-880 meters) and known from a variety of geological landforms and at least five soil profiles.


Legenere is a small annual herb in the bellflower family (Campanulaceae) that blooms April through June. The seeds of Legenere are long lived and can lay dormant for years. With suitable rainfall and temperatures in the winter, some dormant seeds in vernal pools will sprout. Legenere commonly grows with semaphore grass (Pleuropogon californicus) and various Downingia species.