Conservancy Needs List

From time-to-time, the Conservancy has need for a service or product that would help implement the Natomas Basin Habitat Conservation Plan (NBHCP). The products and services needed are seen as a part of an adjunct to the Conservancy’s ability to conduct its work, or in some cases, an experiment to see if new and better ways of conducting its business can be employed to enhance NBHCP implementation. For those interested in donating products or services that appear on the Conservancy’s “Needs List,” please contact the Conservancy for further information. The Conservancy can discuss arrangements for delivering and initiating the donation.

Railroad box car

The Conservancy has used the floor of a railroad box car to bridge a channel in a large marsh complex, and it has worked very well. The Conservancy would like to acquire additional bridging material to enhance its ability to safely and conveniently conduct land management services on Conservancy marsh complexes. A dismantled railroad box car, where the floor of the boxcar is laid across a marsh channel, will enable the Conservancy to access islands and conduct livestock management and care activities, vegetation management, biological monitoring and related functions.


The Conservancy is looking for HDPE, concrete or other large diameter pipes for culverts. The Conservancy’s interest includes new and used (provided they are in good condition) culvert products. Minimum diameter is 12 inches and maximum diameter is 30 inches. Lengths need to be at least 16 feet. These will be used to bridge marsh areas that require more human and vehicle access in order to conduct biological monitoring and vegetation management.