A group of White-faced ibis, Aleutian cackling geese, and egrets in a marsh.

It’s a Convention of Like Minds

On the Conservancy’s flagship preserve, Conservancy field staff photographed an interesting assembly of birds. They…

A photo of a Red winged black bird and Tricolored black bird resting on reeds.

Two blackbirds sitting on a…tule.

The report from years ago regarding the state of Tri-colored blackbird (Agelaius tricolor) populations in…

A large Burrowing owl standing on Natomas Basin Conservancy mitigation land.

They’re back!

We are so pleased to see one of the NBHCP’s “Covered Species,” the Burrowing owl…

Side view of a Swainson's hawk taking flight from the ground, its wings outstretched.

Complex Versus Simple

The Conservancy has worked hard and spent money trying to improve prey production for the…

Close-up of an Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) flying overhead from a nearby perch. Its wings are outstretched and its talons visible and long.

Nail Trim Needed?

Conservancy field personnel captured this close-up of an osprey (Pandion haliaetus) flying overhead from a…

A Swainson's hawk stands in the middle of an alfalfa field in the process of being harvested.

It Really, Really Works!

The Conservancy causes the planting of various kinds of crops that promote Swainson’s hawk foraging….

A yellow propeller plane flies low over a field to conduct aerial seeding at the Conservancy.

Sky King

The Conservancy is making still further attempts to provide additional prey for the Swainson’s hawk,…

color illustration of revised concept for the Pond O habitat

Habitat Re-fresh

With the help of a substantial monetary contribution to the Conservancy, we’ve embarked on a…

numerous dark and light-colored birds standing in a marsh bordering an area of trees and vegetation


This photo captures the essence of Conservancy restoration and enhancement work. But the point here…

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